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Welcome to the Illuminated Bible. The Books Index will take you to any verse of the Bible - over 31,000 of them.

Each verse is on a separate page, and in large, easy-to-read text.

There are actually four complete sets of Bible verses on line here - one is a "static set" (pages permanently visible) via the original Books Index page. There, the verses can be reached via the index pages of the 66 books in The Bible.

There are also three "dynamic" sets of verses:

  • the "signpost set" (direct access here) has links left and right (the silver crosses) to move forwards to the next verse, or back to the previous one - and shows the *number* of each verse in The Bible as a whole.

  • "verses for reading" (direct access here) is similar but without the signpost numbers.

  • "verses for printing" (direct access here) has no header bar at the top - so it's ideal if you want to print out a Bible verse for your wall, say. But it also has the silver crosses so you can read onwards through The Bible in that style of verse, if you wish.

    Verses in the original, signpost and reading sets have links above to all four sets - "the same verse" (ie the same point in The Bible).

    "Verses for printing" don't have the links bar, so just use the link from the title of the Book (below the verse) to reach the Book index page and scroll upwards for links to other areas.

    All verses on line here are those in the King James Version of The Bible.

    If you prefer reading The Bible in chapters, there's a separate area for that here.

    You won't find any "commentary" on this website. We don't presume to tell you "how to interpret the verses" - we just present the verses themselves, for you to explore, if you so wish.

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